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Ring Bearers

3 Ways to Come In + Pro Tips

Traditional: walk down the aisle with rings

Be sure they are FAKE. Little boys get bored and toss the pillow in the air or hold it upside down (like in this photo)

They come in as Ring Security

They come in as Ring Security.

There are no rings in the brief case or safe. It’s just for show.

They carry a sign

They carry a sign

They can carry a sign on the way OUT, too

Pro tip: make it a different sign. There should only be writing on one side.

Ring bearers can be all ages. This one is 25 years old.

An anonymous 5-star WeddingWire review:

Rev Phil Landers made our wedding unique and special. All of my guests loved hearing our “love story” and were pleased that it was interesting and just the right amount of time. It’s a month later and I am still getting compliments on the service.

We had a very large wedding party- 25 total including 4 flower girls and 3 ring boys. The Rev kept everyone organized and made us feel comfortable. He was awesome to work with!

3 ring boys

‘Meet’ Rev. Phil for a FREE unhurried consultation. He will take time to get to know you.

You will get an email with dates to Zoom.

If he is not available, he will refer you someone on his team who is.

If Style #3 might be for you, then he will get and share the beginning of your love story when you ‘meet’! No other officiant does that.