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Unity candles are classic. Some would say overdone. Regardless, they do not work well outside. These 4 alternatives do.  Rev. Phil will explain them — what you need, what to avoid and how to get better photos and videos — when you meet him.
Unity Sand

Alternative #1: Unity Sand

All the sets come with 2 colors. Rev. Phil will explain why you should have 3

Reverend Phil was absolutely wonderful. Our guests are still talking about the wedding. In fact, one friend of mine told me that it was the best wedding ceremony he had ever been to. It was personalized just for us and he told our story exactly the way we wanted him too. He was funny, witty and he made the whole ceremony fun. About three weeks prior to the wedding he had everything all planned out for us. He was very organized and we knew exactly what was going to happen on our special day. Actually, it was BETTER than we could have ever imagined. I can’t say enough good things about Reverend Phil and he has wonderful ideas. We went with his suggestion of unity sand and all our guests loved it as did we. Use Reverend Phil and you won’t be disappointed!

— Ramona & Julio, Wolf Road Woods, Palos Hills

Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Alternative #2: Unity Beer

Rev. Phil was a one of a kind! From the minute you meet him he separates himself from any other Rev. and you can tell right off the bat. He incorporates a love story and what I love about you in the ceremony. Something nobody else does! The second meeting before the wedding is 2.5 hours long-he takes his time to really understand exactly what you want as a couple and to get every single detail of your love for one another. He is so organized and professional and made everything run so easy and smooth! It was so cool too because my husband and I are beer drinkers and while most people do things like unity sand Rev. Phil offered unity beer! It was something no one from the audience of our wedding had ever seen and was so unique!. We had so many compliments on our ceremony. Rev. Phil had not only the audience laughing but had both my husband and I laughing so hard. It was great because it wasn’t a boring ceremony where everyone couldn’t wait for it to be over. Instead you couldn’t wait to see what else Rev. Phil had up his sleeve. And if I had to go back I would chose Rev. Phil again in a heartbeat hands down!

– Heather & Jason, Carriage Greens Country Club, Darien

Unity Wine

Alternative #3: Unity Wine

This one you drink during the ceremony.

Rev. Phil is amazing!

Rev. Phil was amazing! Why get Phil? Because there is not another officiant like him. First and foremost, our guests loved the ceremony. Rev. Phil made everyone laugh and cry, all while keeping important elements in that we were looking for. It was perfect and unique and totally us.

He was very accommodating when we had to postpone our first wedding due to COVID, so we had the pleasure of Rev. Phil officiating our wedding and our vow renewals! The sessions before the wedding were also very important because Rev. Rev. Phil helped point out things we would need during the ceremony that we would’ve looked over…like a table for the unity wine. There were several tips that he shared along the way that we were very grateful for . It was also fantastic getting to know him along the way, so that when we stood at the altar it didn’t feel like a stranger was marrying us. It was intimate because he already knew so much about my wife and I and our relationship.

Rev. Phil is absolutely worth the extra money because of all the extra things he does and his incredible storytelling abilities. Thank you sir for two days that we will remember for the rest of our lives!

 — Sara & Chris, Schram Memorial Chapel, Glenview

Unity Wine Box with Secret Love Letters

Alternative #4: Unity Wine Box with Secret Love Letters

‘Meet’ Rev. Phil for a FREE unhurried consultation. He will take time to get to know you.

You will get an email with dates to Zoom.

If he is not available, he will refer you someone on his team who is.

If Style #3 might be for you, then he will get and share the beginning of your love story when you ‘meet’! No other officiant does that.