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Why You Want It

You two will laugh (and maybe cry). Guests will learn more about why you’re such a great fit.

Rev. Phil works with your photographer and sets up the ceremony in a way that you gets you great photos!

Rev. Phil will make sure everything is properly set up. He will contact all your other wedding pro’s the week of your wedding.

Rev. Phil gives you the best of romantic and religious readings + vows. Saves you hours of research.

No surprises! Just the way you want it to be. 

No videographer? Makes a great keepsake.

So your guests are not bored – but active participants in your ceremony. Makes the time fly by.

Help in how to walk, where to stand, what to do, etc.. The diamond rehearsal is 2X the length of your ceremony and 2X the length of every other officiant.

One option is unity beer! Learn what you need, what to avoid and how to set it up for the best photos and video.

Options to honor parents, kids (if you have them) and loved ones who have passed away.

Sit with an expert who will give you ideas and options. You choose. Then he tells you how to make it work.

The ultimate way to personalize a ceremony! There will be laughter. Your guests get to know you better. Have you seen videos? You’ll laugh.

4 Couples Explain the Value for the Investment. Watch a 2-minute Video.

You Get What You Pay For

Planning a wedding can feel stressful, unorganized, and chaotic. There are deadlines to meet, vendors to choose, outfits to pick out, and your fiancé to keep sane. Luckily I had Rev. Phil on my side. His professionalism and organization kept us on track with the whole way through, we knew what to expect from him and what he expected from us. He sent us friendly reminders throughout our planning so we weren’t overwhelmed when out script was due.

You get what you pay for. Rev. Phil far exceeded our expectations. Our family and friends were in awe of the experience.

Rev. Phil planned a few special items to include in the service, for that he needed us to give him a few interesting details of our lives up to that point. At first we thought our story was boring and nothing our family would want to hear. But by the end of the service all of our second cousins, parents friends from high school, and wedding crashers who came to the wedding to flirt with bridesmaids and have free drinks, felt like they have known us forever and understood why I had to make her my wife.

Amongst all of our vendors, our experience with Rev Phil was far above the rest.

Felipe & Ashley, Stonegate Banquets, Hoffman Estates

‘Meet’ Rev. Phil for a FREE unhurried consultation. He will take time to get to know you.

He will get and share the beginning of your love story! No other officiant does that.

Rev. Phil offers BNPL.  0% financing for 3, 6 or 12 months – regardless of your wedding date!

You will get an email with dates to ‘meet’. If he is not available, he will refer you someone on his team who is.