Videos More Videos Than Any Other Chicago Officiant!

The voice of the officiant matters. You have to listen to them for the entire (30-minute) ceremony.
  • Do they sound like Mickey Mouse’s voice? That would be annoying.
  • Do they speak in a monotone? That would be boring.
  • Can you understand them, do they speak clearly?
  • Better yet, do they have a pleasing voice and speak with enthusiasm?
Why even consider an officiant if you don’t know the answers before you meet them? You need to see videos! The videos should be engaging. If you’re bored watching a video, well, imagine that at your wedding.
  • Watch videos of Rev. Phil sharing love stories. You’ll laugh!
  • Watch videos of Rev. Phil’s voice as the anchor for the wedding day montage video.
  • Watch Phil on TV — on TLC’s Four Weddings TV show!
Rev. Phil is often told that he has a voice for radio. He thinks he has the face for it too ☺
Watching his videos online will you give an insight to how great his work is, but it isn’t until he shares your love story that you realize the true value of this experience. Not only is my ceremony one I’ll never forget but our guests raved that it will forever stand out in their minds because of their participation and how personal it was.”
~Katie & Brian, Monte Bello Estate, Lemont

Love Stories

You’ll Laugh, Maybe Even Cry

Rev. Phil Shares Tara & Trevor’s Love Story
at Marriott Lincolnshire Resort
Video courtesy of Oak House Wedding Films

Rev. Phil Shares Jenna & Seans’ Love Story
at CD & ME, Frankfort
Video courtesy of Smiling Toad Productions 

Rev. Phil Shares Ashley & Anthony’s Love Story
at a Backyard, Oakbrook Terrace
Video courtesy of Jolie Images 

Rev. Phil Shares Annabelle & Jason’s Love Story
at Patrick Haley Mansion, Joliet
Video courtesy of Vivid Visuals

Montages – Rev. Phil’s Voice Over Wedding Day Photos/Video

An amazing wedding day montage
which includes Rev. Phil sharing some of Nicole & Wade’s love story
(Rivers Restaurant, Chicago)
Video courtesy of 312 Film

A funny wedding day montage
which includes Rev. Phil sharing some of Janet & Chris’ love story
(Phoenix Restaurant in Chinatown, Chicago)
Video courtesy of Real Star Media

A wonderful wedding day montage
which includes Rev. Phil sharing some of Jasmine & Zack’s love story
(Galleria Marchetti, Chicago)
Video courtesy of Hwu Studios 

Four Weddings on TLC

See Rev. Phil in action on TV!

Rev. Phil helps Rita & Randy win on TLC’s Four Weddings TV show! (2:18)

See every scene in Four Weddings that Rita & Randy are in (8:58)

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