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What’s Your Wedding Ceremony Style?

Style #1:

Short and Sweet by a Professional

Writing Wedding Vows

Rev. Phil Landers:

    • Will do something no other officiant will do – share what you two love about each other with a twist. You two will
      laugh. Your guests will know better why you’re such a great fit.
    • Will create the moments that make Insta-worthy photos (and video).
    • Will be the wedding planner for the ceremony. He will contact all your other wedding pro’s to make sure they are
      all on the same page for the ceremony.
    • Is Chicago’s best officiant — having done 1300 weddings, he will not be nervous, he will speak clearly, he will
      not be flustered with anything unexpected.

Rev. Phil found a way to make the experience memorable , made all the guests (and us) laugh and kept it short like we requested. Everyone with us that day felt he was very genuine, friendly, funny and was glad that he was a part of our day.

— Samantha & Shawn, Soldier Field, Chicago


Style #2:

You Want More Options, You Get More Support

You get all the elements in style #1 (love about each other with a twist, creating the moments for Insta-photo photos, the
wedding planner for your ceremony by Chicago’s best officiant) PLUS:

    • A complete ceremony script in advance. You will know that the ceremony is exactly the way you want it. No
      surprises. Every person walking in, every action step, every word – except for the love about each other
    • Vows and readings that YOU select – though he will guide you.
    • 3 ways to include your guests in the ceremony – so they’re not bored. Pick one, two, three or none. Your choice.
    • A 30-minute rehearsal that starts an hour before the ceremony. Everyone will already be there. You don’t have to do
      a rehearsal dinner (saves money).

With his wedding expertise, Rev Phil offers a huge menu of ideas and options for the ceremony. That well-planned script was spectacular and executed flawlessly.

All of our family members were buzzing about how unique and wonderful the ceremony was. We are still in awe of how our love about each other were such a unique and memorable highlight of the ceremony.

— Anne & Michael, Fairmount Hotel, Chicago

Style #3:

All the Bells & Whistles! Love Story & Face-to-Face Guidance

You get all the elements in style #1 (love about each other with a twist, creating the moments for Insta-photo photos, the
wedding planner for your ceremony by Chicago’s best officiant) AND in style #2 (script in advance, vows & readings of
your choice, 3 ways to include your guests) PLUS:

    • Your love story told by a master storyteller! How you met, how you fell in love, how he proposed. The ultimate way
      to personalize a ceremony. Your guests will laugh (not at Rev. Phil’s jokes – he doesn’t tell any — but at how well he
      tells your story; seen videos?) No one can be bored during this! Makes your ceremony so memorable. Takes 90
      minutes via Zoom for Rev. Phil to get your love story.
    • A 1.5-hour planning meeting. Zoom with an expert who has done 1300 weddings. He will give you ideas you’ve never
      thought of. If you pick an option – like unity beer — he’ll tell you how to make it work, what not to do and how to get
      better photos / video. Takes away all your stress about planning a ceremony. It includes:
          •  4 alternatives to unity candle
          •  memorial candles
          •  flowers for moms
          •  ways to involve your kids
    • A 1-hour rehearsal on a separate day. That is twice the length of the ceremony (and other officiants’ rehearsals.)
      Rev. Phil will have everyone do the processional twice. It’s the second time that people ‘get’ it. He will set up better
      photos and video. You and your whole wedding party will be comfortable at the end knowing exactly what they need to
      do. Takes away a lot of stress.

Laughter is from the couple’s love story

Rev. Phil gave my husband and I the wedding of our dreams. It was the most beautiful, magical, perfect service.

It was so carefully planned and well-orchestrated weeks before our actual big day, so we never had to stress about if things would get done the way we hoped. Reverend Phil is literally your personal wedding ceremony planner — he takes out all of the guesswork so that your ceremony runs seamlessly.

All of our guests told us that this was the best wedding ceremony they’d ever attended — they laughed, they cried, they shared the most important day of our lives with us, made all the more special by the personal touches Rev Phil puts into place to make your wedding truly unique and unforgettable.

Rachel & Eddie, Seville Banquets, Streamwood

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