Yes! Rev. Phil will travel anywhere in the greater Chicagoland area — in the city of Chicago or any of the suburbs.

He does weddings at hotels, country clubs, banquet halls, chapels, parks, boats, homes, etc.

He does not charge a travel fee, unlike many wedding officiants.

No. But there are chapels owned by park districts or historical societies that are open for everyone to use. Rev. Phil can marry you in any of them.
He has compiled a complete list of all 14 chapels in the Chicago area — on a live Google map with photos and links!
Pretty much as religious (or not) or traditional (or not) as you want it to be.

Rev. Phil is a real minister so he would like to mention God (not Jesus) at least once or twice as in “Before God and these witnesses, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

But Rev. Phil wants the ceremony to reflect you and where you are in your spiritual journey. He will not impose his faith at your wedding. However, he does ask that you not violate his Christian faith. By focusing on your love story, on romance, there is rarely an issue.


Rev. Phil has several levels of service plus options within those. It’s detailed, that’s why he offers to explain it all on his iPad at a complimentary one hour consulation. (Just fill out the form,below.)

He is very flexible with payments.

You can pay by

You get to know Rev. Phil and he gets to know you. On his iPad, he will show you a photo from his wedding in 1984. He will explain the different levels of ceremonies and options within those. He will help you determine the best ceremony with the right officiant at the right price.

You will see scripts and videos to help you see what Rev. Phil does that will make your ceremony the best your guests have ever been to. He will share ideas you’ve never seen at a wedding before.

At the end, you will have the option to lock your wedding into his calendar by signing an agreement and making a payment. (Bring your QuickPay info, checkbook or credit card).

You have some ideas about the ceremony but are not quite sure how to put it all together. Rev. Phil, who marries 125+ couples a year, knows a ton about wedding ceremonies.

At that meeting — for couples who have chosen that option — an expert, Rev. Phil, will guide you into planning a personalized, romantic and fun ceremony. He will give you options like unity candle, unity sand, unity wine or unity beer. He’ll offer ideas about flowers for mothers, memorial candles, Audience Gives Blessing, etc., etc. He suggests, you decide.

He will hear your love story and share the first draft of it with you. You will laugh while he tells you your own love story.

By the end of it, you will have a really good sense of what your ceremony will be like.


Rev. Phil has a team of ministers he can refer you to. They are real ministers who do weddings in his style — for he trained them.

He has their schedule — so he will refer you to someone who is available for your wedding.


Your search for a wedding minister who is available for your date and time is over!

Sharing your love story at your wedding ceremony guarantees that your wedding will be unique, personalized and enjoyable!

Please watch the video clips of Rev. Phil sharing couples’ love stories. You’ll laugh and, maybe, cry.

Rev. Phil will guide you through options including unity candle or unity sand, religious or romantic readings, flowers for moms (and other special women there), memorial candles, share what you love about each other, ethnic customs, etc., etc.

Have kids? Rev. Phil has several ideas on how to include them in the ceremony.


Go to the videos page of Rev. Phil’s web site to see him sharing couples’ love stories.
Notice not only how the guests react but how it sets the couple at ease during their wedding ceremony.

Rev. Phil has more videos than any other Chicago area wedding officiant.

Read the 210+ unfiltered 5-star reviews that won Rev. Phil the Brides Choice Award 2015 from WeddingWire — for the 6th year in a row.

Rev. Phil is the 1st Chicago wedding officiant to be inducted into The Knot Hall of Fame! He has Won Best of the Knot in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 – 6 years in a row!

The awards are based solely on reviews by real brides and grooms. They can’t be bought.

The only credible reviews are current ones on a third party web site – like WeddingWire or The Knot — where the officiant has no control over them. Click on the links above.

Usually, you do.

Rev. Phil personally leads the rehearsal (over 90% of the time.) If he is not available, his Rehearsal Specialist will lead it.

A rehearsal is to put everyone through their paces so they know when and where they are to be during the ceremony.

  • If you have a bunch of bridesmaids and groomsmen plus a ring bearer and flower girl, you ought to have a full one hour rehearsal – twice the length of most officiants — on a separate day.
  • If your wedding party is small, it is enough to do a mini-rehearsal just before the ceremony — and save on not having to provide a rehearsal dinner.
Rev. Phil wears the clerical collar at 90% of weddings. It shows family members that you got a real minister to officiate. He prefers it for people at the venue immediately know who he is. So does everyone at the rehearsal and the wedding.


But he also can wear a suit. Let him know your colors and he will try to have his tie match.


You must get it in the county in which you are getting married — regardless of where you live — no sooner than 60 days before your wedding but no less than the day before.

More info with links to each county in Chicagoland is on the marriage license page.

You probably are not very comfortable planning a wedding ceremony.

Spend an hour – at no charge – with an expert who will show you things you’ve never seen at a wedding. Fill out the form to meet Rev. Phil for a complimentary one hour consultation (a $100 value).

Yes. Almost all couples Rev. Phil marries are not-so-practicing in their faith. If they were, they would get married at a church, a synagogue or other house of worship.

Rev. Phil has married Catholics and Protestants (Methodists, Lutherans, etc.). That difference is not so great. He has married Christians and Jews (both honor the Hebrew Scriptures). He has married not-so-practicing Muslims to not-so-practicing Christians

Faith in Jesus has helped Rev. Phil and his wife, Pam, stay married for 30+ years. But that is a choice we each must make for ourselves.


Rev. Phil has a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield. He graduated with his masters in 1990. He has been a pastor. He no longer has time to be a pastor since he marries well over 100 couples a year.

No, you are under no obligation to do so.

Some couples, maybe 20%, invite Rev. Phil to stay. He can only stay some of the time. He often has several weddings in one day. Only the last reception is it even possible for him to stay. He asks that, if you want to invite him, to mail him an invitation. He will respond by the RSVP date. (However, a “no” answer meansthe reception, not the ceremony!)

If he is able to come to the reception, he would be glad to offer the blessing (say grace) over the meal – if you want him to.

c1 “Our ceremony was the most favorite part of our wedding. All night we had guests coming up to us and Rev. Phil telling us how great it was to hear ‘our story’ and how they have never seen that before! Rev. Phil was very professional and also a lot of fun too!! Make sure to invite him to your reception. I am so glad he was able to stay at ours and celebrate our new life together!” —Melissa & Donald, DiNolfo’s Banquets, Mokena 
It is not required but it is always appreciated.

If you are going to tip the DJ, musicians, wedding coordinator, etc. it would be appropriate to tip Rev. Phil, too. (Just don’t wait for the end of the reception to tip him.)

He prefers to be called “Reverend Phil”. Spelled out, that becomes “Rev. Phil.”

Just don’t call him “late to dinner.” You can see from his photos, that does not happen too often :>)

Yes, that is his real name. To philander is defined as “being sexually unfaithful to one’s wife.” So, Rev.Phil Landers = Rev. Cheats-on-Wife! He never has in 30 years of marriage. But a funny name for a full-time wedding minister, isn’t it?

Rev. Phil has been married to Pam since 1984. He often says of her and to her, “You make my life possible.” She is definitely his “better half”.


Yes! It is always romantic. Usually it is done on or near an anniversary.

Rev. Phil has done renewal of vows for couples he has just met. He especially enjoys it for couples he has previously married. Rev. Phil will travel to where you are — your home, a park, a hotel, etc.

Read more plus a rave review at the renew your vows page.

Yes. Even when Rev. Phil was a pastor, he did a bunch of funerals for people he did not know.But he will make the effort to get to know about the deceased and so make the funeral customized and personalized.

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Meet Rev. Phil for a Complimentary 90-minute Consultation! (a $100 Value)

Rev. Phil will email you a number of dates and times when he can meet you — evenings and weekends, with several Panera Bread locations to choose from.

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The Next Step

Meet Rev. Phil for a Complimentary 90-minute Consultation! (a $100 Value)

Rev. Phil will email you a number of dates and times when he can meet you — evenings and weekends, with several Panera Bread locations to choose from.