Are you stressed out and unsure
how to have a wedding ceremony that expresses your love?

Rev. Phil will craft an 
engaging, personal, romantic and memorable experience.

How? By sharing your love story at your wedding!

“Our guests are still raving about how entertaining it was, yet still kept the traditional aspects. They are saying it is the BEST wedding ceremony they have experienced. Yes experienced; they were included, and were able to experience every emotion possible (laughter, tears of joy and happiness, etc) and got to know our love story.”

— Nicole & Zach, Seville Banquets, Streamwood 

The proof?
The 3 sets of videos below + 12 ways of How We Are Different.

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Meet Rev. Phil for a Complimentary One Hour Consultation! (a $100 Value)

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Rev. Phil Shares Couples’ Love Stories

3 love story videos in a playlist. You’ll laugh (and maybe even cry).Imagine this at your wedding ceremony!

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What Couples Say About Rev. Phil

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Bonus: the mother of the groom shares too.
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The Next Step

Meet Rev. Phil for a Complimentary One Hour Consultation! (a $100 Value)

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Rev. Phil will email you a number of dates and times when he can meet you — evenings and weekends, with several Panera Bread locations to choose from.

“If you want your wedding ceremony to be amazing and perfect, do this one thing: hire Reverend Phil to officiate. Here’s why:

1. He is EXTREMELY organized. He will go over every last detail with you during your planning session, and sends a completed script before the wedding, so you know exactly what will be said ahead of time. (With the exception of your secret things you love about each other- It was so fun to hear those for the first time at the ceremony!).

2. He is funny, personable, and a great storyteller. He will tell your love story in a way that even you will be laughing. The guests at our ceremony were roaring with laughter, which eased my nerves as I was standing at the alter in front of over 100 people!

3. People will remember your ceremony. How many weddings have you been to where the reception is what guests remember, versus the actual ceremony (the reason everyone is there)? Rev. Phil officiated a friend’s wedding, and I was in awe at how great their ceremony was. It was hands down the best ceremony I had been to! As soon as I started planning my wedding, I knew we had to meet with him. We have received endless compliments on our ceremony and how great Rev. Phil was. A note about cost — he does charge more than what is considered average for an officiant, however, it’s completely worth it. We had not originally budgeted for this — but after meeting with Rev. Phil, we knew we had to make it happen. We decided to cut back on some things (we did not have wedding favors, programs, or welcome baskets) because we felt it was more important to have a meaningful ceremony than all the “frills”. So glad we did!!

You will not be disappointed if you hire Rev. Phil. It was by far, the BEST decision we made about our wedding. Your guests will laugh, cry, and truly be part of the ceremony. The first thing I ask when someone I know gets engaged is “Do you have an officiant yet?” because I want everyone to have as amazing of a wedding as I did!”

Ashley & Matt, Kuiper's Family Farm, Maple Park