Wedding Invitation Card Trends for the Year 2019-2020

Exciting Trends That You Must Check Before Finalizing Your Wedding Invitation

So, you are ready to take a leap of faith and get married to the love of your life? Designing a wedding invitation is among the early steps involved in wedding planning that require your full attention.

A wedding invitation is the first impression of your wedding for all those who will attend. These invites will represent your wedding style and incite the guests to become part of your big day. This is the reason you can’t afford to keep your wedding invites ordinary.

If you are already on the lookout for wedding invitation designs, here are some of the latest trends that will help you design one that packs a punch.

1.      Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns have become an integral part of wedding décor today. From cakes and dance floor to invitations, there is nothing that geometric patterns or designs can’t work for.

For wedding invitations specifically, you can choose to add geometric shapes and designs with bold borders that pop open or simply fill them up with the colors that complement your wedding style and theme.

2.      Floral and Botanic Designs

Flowers and other similar botanicals have become a core of wedding décor. The same idea can be used in designing wedding invitations.

No, we are not referring to the usual invites that have flowers and leaves printed onto them. Look past the printing option and include them either as pop-up objects or in the 3D form to make your wedding invites look unique.

3.      Floral Garlands

Another creative way you can use flowers to decorate your wedding invite is by getting them printed in the form of rings that cover the entire card and having your text written inside these rings. These are also known as garlands or hoops.

If you are someone who loves creativity, you can choose to get a real string pasted that connects printed flowers with each other. The string can either be multicolored, of a single tone, or simply resemble the color of tree trunks to add a natural appeal to your wedding invitation.

4.      Darker Shades

There was a time when wedding invitations were kept as simple as possible and subtle tones like nudes, whites, and other neutral colors were preferred. But that is not the case anymore.

Today’s wedding invitation trends are the exact opposite of what they were a few years back.  They are all about colors, 3D elements, and darker tones. You can choose red, black, dark brown, purple, navy blue, and other darker tones as the floor color for your card and select a brighter tone for the text.

Blue-colored cards with a silver starry look have lately become a popular choice.

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