Renew Your Vows

Renew Your Vows

Why renew your vows?

  • To tell your spouse you would do it all over again.
  • To remind each of you of the importance of your wedding vows.
  • To share with your children (and grandchildren).
  • To have the kind of ceremony you could not do the first time.
  • To celebrate your anniversary! Less than half of all first marriages make it to 25 years. Check out this fascinating article (with chart) in the New York Times.

When should you renew your vows?

  • Typically, on a “big” anniversary — 10 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years.
  • Anytime!

What typically happens at a renewal of vows?

  • Always, you share your vows with one another.
  • You can have a ceremony similar to a wedding ceremony. But you don’t have to.
  • You can include your children (and grandchildren) in the ceremony. But you don’t have to.
  • Rev. Phil will share what you two love about each other – keeping it a secret until the ceremony!

How many people should you invite?

  • You can have a big ceremony and “reception” with lots of family and friends.
  • A smaller gathering with just a few family members and/or friends — followed by a meal together.
  • Or you can have it be just the two of you — done at the hotel or resort where you are celebrating for the weekend. You can even make it a surprise!

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5-Star Reviews

I wish I could relive this experience every day! Rev. Phil suggested the perfect setting and facilitated a beautiful service during which my husband and I renewed our wedding vows. I honestly think this was better than our actual wedding mainly because Rev. Phil had us send him several ‘secret things we love about each’ ahead of time which he revealed to us during the service that meant as much to both of us as did the vows we wrote.”

-Laura & Rich, North Pond, Chicago


“Reverend Phil was just fantastic….We renewed our wedding vows on Chicago’s River Walk and it was fantastic. He took all the things me and my husband wrote about each other and just made them into a beautiful sermon. He was very accommodating to make sure we were able to have this done on our actual 30th Anniversary date. He spoke so eloquently and just made us feel so special. We were so very happy to renew our vows especially with Reverend Phil….he really was the icing on the cake! Thank you Reverend Phil for making us feel so special and for sharing this special Anniversary with us…..You were wonderful and I recommend his services highly…..worth every penny !!!!!”

-Donna & John, Riverwalk, Chicago

“We hired Rev. Phil to surprise our parents for their 40th wedding anniversary. We had him renew their vows. It was such a fun surprise, our parents had no idea!! To see their reactions was priceless. We knew that this was something they would never do on their own. Rev. Phil was great and really made the day so special, so happy with how everything turned out!!:

-Lindsay, daughter of couple renewing their vows, Ritz Carlton, Chicago

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