Passionate About Weddings

Because marriage is a gift from God!

Marriage is a gift from God – created by Him, for our benefit.


Because marriage is the (second) best thing to happen to Rev. Phil!

After knowing Jesus, Pam is the greatest gift in Rev. Phil’s life.

  • They have been married for 32 years.
  • She is the one he wants to share about his day with, the one he wants to travel with, his wine buddy, the person whose company he enjoys the most.
  • She makes his life possible — and worthwhile.
  • He has told her, more than once, he wants to die (and be with Jesus) before she does. He can’t imagine life without her.
Your guests will laugh, cry and pay attention as Rev. Phil shares your love story!

Because Rev. Phil wants to wipe out boring weddings!

He’s been to boring weddings and wants to eliminate them – one couple at a time.

  • Hearing guests laughing, seeing guests tear up at a wedding is so rewarding for him.
  • Having guests tell him it was the most enjoyable wedding they’ve ever been to is a real rush.
  • It’s not because he knew what he was doing when he married Pam in 1984.
    • Phil spent all of 10 minutes helping to plan his own wedding ceremony!
      • “Yes, dear. Sure. Whatever.”
      • He wasn’t a minister then and didn’t know how to go about it (or, frankly, have that much interest.) It wasn’t the ceremony that was on his mind, if you know what he means.
    • His wife finds it more than ironic that he now spends 2½ hours with couples planning out their wedding ceremony.

Rev. Phil really enjoys officiating weddings – it’s his passion!

“The best part was that he REALLY cared and enjoyed learning about us so that he could convey that emotion to our guests at the wedding. Our wedding coordinator at the ballroom where we got married said that she sees a lot of people who come in and officiate weddings who just don’t care. This is not the case with Rev. Phil Landers.

Nia & Bill, Union Station, Joliet


“We were most impressed, however, by Rev. Phil’s genuineness. He was professional, as we knew he would be, but we were most touched that he took a real interest not only in helping us have a successful wedding, but a successful marriage.”

Tiffany & Eric, Cantigny, Wheaton

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