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What is Most Important on Your Wedding Day?

There are so many pieces and parts to a wedding day. What is most important to you?

  • If it’s the dress, get that expensive one you really love
  • If it’s the music, get a band instead of a DJ
  • If it’s the venue – you want something especially elegant, a place that reflects your interests or a great view – invest in that
  • If it’s flowers, get the orchids
  • If it’s the ceremony, invest in the officiant.

Invest in the Ceremony?

If you’ve only been to boring wedding ceremonies and you think that’s all there is – then you should not spend much on an officiant. Almost anyone will do.


But it doesn’t have to be boring! With Rev. Phil, you can have a ceremony where your guests will:

And how much guidance do you need in planning a ceremony? With Rev. Phil, you can have no-stress ceremony planning by getting a:

  • Face-to-face planning session – sit with an expert who will give you options, but you decide.
  • complete script in advance – so you know it’s just the way you want it to be; very rare.
  • 1-hour rehearsal on a separate day – twice the length of other officiants
  • wedding planner for your ceremony! He will coordinate with all your other wedding ceremony vendors, make sure everything is set up properly.

“It is no secret your guests are looking forward to the reception but it is so important to invest in the ceremony. I mean, this IS the Wedding! The reception is the after party. This is the moment you will remember for the rest of your lives. If you want a meaningful ceremony that will tell YOUR story Rev. Phil is the officiant for you!”

Melissa & Mike, Orchard Ridge Farm, Rockton

4 Ways to Fit Your Budget

Rev. Phil offers 4 ways to help fit your budget:

  • 3 levels of service. Meet him to find out which is the best fit for you.
  • Flexible payment plan. Getting married in 12 months? Make 11 payments. Getting married in 18 months? Make 17 payments.
  • Discount for paying in full.
  • Ministers on his team do weddings in his style – he trained them – for less

So, how much?

You’ll get the answer when you meet Rev. Phil for a complimentary 90-minute consultation. He needs to show you just how amazing your wedding ceremony can be. (You’ve only been to boring ones, right?) Together, using his iPad, we’ll figure out which of the 3 service levels and options within them is the best fit for you (and your budget).


As a bonus, at the consultation, Rev. Phil will get the beginning of your love story. When he shares it back, you’ll laugh – just like your guests will at the wedding. You need to experience that.

Meet Rev. Phil

for a Complimentary 90-minute Consultation!

Reviews: “Worth Every Penny!``

Read 18 reviews that say “worth every penny!”



“When I first read reviews about Rev. Phil they were all amazing but I was worried I would not be able to afford it as so many people wrote that his services are more expensive than the average. I am here to reassure you. Yes, it is more expensive but soooo worth it and Rev. Phil is willing to work out a payment plan with you which makes it very do-able even on a limited budget like mine. Believe me, this is definitely an investment you are going to want to make… It was an epic ceremony!”

~Melissa & Mike, Orchard Ridge Farm, Rockton


“We did not intend on spending this amount on an officiate. It sounded like way too much. However, after meeting with Rev. Phil, we decided that if were willing to spend so much money on flowers, the bar, and all those others things, why not spend a little more on the part that the day is all about – the actual ceremony! I’m so glad that we decided to go over budget when it came to who married us and directed the whole ceremony. He set everything up, which was helpful because we had no idea how to do that. He did an amazing job and we highly recommend him for ANY wedding! Totally worth it!

~Amanda & Hollund, Bottom Lounge, Chicago


“It was certainly worth the cost. Yes, it was more than we had originally budgeted but so worth it. Plus, the ceremony is not the part to go cheap…after all, that is the most important part of your entire day. If you want a wedding ceremony that is special, engaging, and something people will remember 10+ years from now…share your story!”

~Elizabeth & Art, Naperville Country Club, Naperville


“Rev. Phil is absolutely amazing! He is so wonderful at what he does. The Moto always is you get what you pay for – and that 100% describes Rev. Phil !! He’s funny, caring and took so much stress off our shoulders. The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding and he was able to make it perfect. I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful man! Don’t let money be your deciding factor, because he really is worth it all.”

~Nicole & Tom, Cotillion Banquets, Palatine


So many couples comment about the cost in their WeddingWire reviews. Try to find a review that says he was not worth the cost. Really. Try.

Still Not Sure? The One Review That Says It All

If you want your wedding ceremony to be amazing and perfect, do this one thing: hire Reverend Phil to officiate. Here’s why:

  1. He is EXTREMELY organized. He will go over every last detail with you during your planning session, and sends a completed script before the wedding, so you know exactly what will be said ahead of time. (With the exception of your secret things you love about each other- It was so fun to hear those for the first time at the ceremony!).
  2. He is funny, personable, and a great storyteller. He will tell your love story in a way that even you will be laughing. The guests at our ceremony were roaring with laughter, which eased my nerves as I was standing at the alter in front of over 100 people!
  3. People will remember your ceremony. How many weddings have you been to where the reception is what guests remember, versus the actual ceremony (the reason everyone is there)? Rev. Phil officiated a friend’s wedding, and I was in awe at how great their ceremony was. It was hands down the best ceremony I had been to! As soon as I started planning my wedding, I knew we had to meet with him. We have received endless compliments on our ceremony and how great Rev. Phil was.

A note about cost –– he does charge more than what is considered average for an officiant, however, it’s completely worth it. We had not originally budgeted for this — but after meeting with Rev. Phil, we knew we had to make it happen. We decided to cut back on some things (we did not have wedding favors, programs, or welcome baskets) because we felt it was more important to have a meaningful ceremony than all the “frills”. So glad we did!!

You will not be disappointed if you hire Rev. Phil. It was by far, the BEST decision we made about our wedding. Your guests will laugh, cry, and truly be part of the ceremony. The first thing I ask when someone I know gets engaged is “Do you have an officiant yet?” because I want everyone to have as amazing of a wedding as I did!

~Ashley & Matt, Kuiper’s Family Farm, Maple Park

Meet Rev. Phil

for a Complimentary 90-minute Consultation!

Rev. Phil will email and text you to set up a meeting at a Panera Bread.