No Stress Wedding Planning

Colclasure-Westerburg -- smiling couple at Century Memorial Chapel

How comfortable are you planning the wedding ceremony? No couple is.

Rev. Phil will be the wedding planner for your ceremony. That means no stress wedding planning process. He does this by a:

  • In-person planning meeting – sit with an expert who will give you options and guide you
  • complete script in advance – so you know it’s just the way you want it to be; very rare.
  • 1-hour rehearsal on a separate day – twice the length of other officiants (and twice the length of your ceremony)

Reviews: ``No Worries``

“My husband and I had NO IDEA what we were doing, how the day was supposed to go, and we spent a ton of time worrying. Rev. Phil made sure our minds were at ease, and worked with each of our other vendors to make sure the whole day went smoothly.”

~ Samantha & Mitch, Naper Settlement, Naperville



“Rev. Phil was ALWAYS easy to get a hold of whether it was email or text and he always responded quickly (which was super important to me as a planning bride!). We also met again in person closer to the big day to go over all of the ceremony details and fine tune EVERYTHING! I had absolutely nothing to worry about and could rest easy the days before the wedding because Rev. Phil had it all under control.”

~ Miranda & Tyler, Noah’s Event Space, Naperville


“My husband and I agreed that it was worth investing in someone else to do our worrying and planning for us. The dress is important, but what is the point of looking good when the ceremony is awful, impersonal or disorganized? Worth it over and over!”

~ Jill & Steve, Millar Chapel @ Northwestern University, Evanston

Reviews for Face-to-Face Planning Session

“The planning sessions we had with Rev. Phil showed us that he wanted to take the time to get to know us personally to make sure that our ceremony was perfect.”

~Jillianne & Michael, Ruffled Feathers Country Club, Lemont


“Rev. Phil gets to know so much about the two of you as a couple during the planning session and vice versa that it feels as if someone you’ve known for years is the one who is marrying you and the love of your life!”

~Miranda & Tyler, Noah’s Event Space, Naperville


“You can tell throughout the whole ceremony planning process that he really loves what he does.”

~Samantha & Chris, Fishermen’s Inn, Elburn

Reviews for Complete Script in Advance

“After choosing vows and readings, we ended up with a great script that we both were so excited to hear come to life! He was excellent at the rehearsal — he guided us all through the whole ceremony without giving away any of the little secrets we had planned. He was very efficient but still very personable and fun.”

  • Christy & Alex, Redfield Estate, Glenview


“Reverend Phil was very patient. He worked with us on the ceremony script for months to get it perfect!”

  • Trish & Kendall, Martinique Banquets, Cicero


“He officiated perfectly: his tone and demeanor were warm and uplifting, and the script was executed flawlessly. That well-planned script was spectacular.”

  • Anne & Michael, Fairmont, Chicago

Next Step: 'Meet' Rev. Phil!

  • for a complimentary 90-minute consultation
  • via video chat
  • he will get the beginning of your love story when you meet, you’ll laugh 🙂

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