Myths about Wedding Planners

Debunking the Common Myths About Hiring Wedding Planners

Wedding planners maybe thought of magicians with magic wands who only need to swing it in the air and recite abracadabra to be able to pull off the perfect weddings, but they AREN’T. They are just like us; like every other person in a different profession.

The only reason wedding planners are needed and you must hire them is that they have insights that we don’t. They have seen weddings in a way we usually don’t. The pretty-looking wedding venues with glistening lights, glitter, party lights, and the couple wearing the perfect dresses; all of them have a behind-the-scene story to tell. Those scenes are what these talented wedding planners control.

Wedding planners do their part to make ‘the big day’ memorable for every new couple. And as much as they deserve appreciation, all they have received over the years is criticism and a bucket full of myths to get drenched in.

This is what we will clear out the air for today. Here are some common myths associated with wedding planners that you shouldn’t fall forever.

1.    All that wedding planners care for is getting paid. Keeping their clients happy is not their top concern.

Imagine yourself as a pancake seller who sells tasteless cakes to earn money. You might get a few people to buy your cakes every day but it will not be long when you finally lose your customers and become penniless.

On the contrary, if you endeavor to sell delicious pancakes and keep adding variety and taste to improve them, your customers will start marketing you for free. This way, you will entitle yourself to a permanent source of income.

Which of the two scenarios sounds more attractive and fruitful? The latter, of course!

The same is the case with wedding planners. All of them intend to stay in the market, become famous, and prosper day and night. This is something that can never be achieved if they don’t care for their clients’ satisfaction and solely focus on earning money.

There is no business in this world that can be successful without trying to please customers and clients. Hence this myth is a no-brainer!

2.    Wedding planners should only be hired by those who have high spending power (budget).

While there are exquisite wedding planners in the market that only work to serve rich clients, you can always find a bunch of planners in your area that will be willing to serve all and that too, within their budget.

Furthermore, if budget is an issue, you can choose to hire a wedding planner for specific tasks that seem like a challenge to you. You don’t have to necessarily hire them for wedding planning and arrangement from scratch.

3.    In a world where there is Pinterest, DIY solutions, and lots of video tutorials for everything, hiring a wedding planner is nothing but a ritual of the rich and extravagant.

Just like you can’t fly a plane or make furniture based on DIY tutorials and other online resources, you simply can’t pull off a successful wedding without having the experts by your side.

These online tutorials are meant for you to take ideas from that can be further discussed with the experts to be implemented correctly. You simply can’t take on a task you have never done before and begun experimenting; especially when it is about your wedding that (usually) happens once in a lifetime.

If these realities have motivated you to hire a wedding planner for yourself already, I Do Weddings is a name you can fully trust with your big day. Get in touch now!