Music in Your Wedding Ceremony

Use Perfectly Timed Music in Your Wedding Ceremony

Music is pleasing to everyone!

Your wedding ceremony is simply incomplete without it.

But you must be able to time it right!

A little difference in timing would make the whole event much less entertaining for you.

Let’s take a look at how you should time the music at your wedding ceremony.

1.  The arrival of Your Guests

You must arrange for the musicians to keep playing music while your guests are arriving.

It will create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

In addition, the festive music helps the groom! As you get ready, your groom awaits for you nervously at the altar. Music will help him get rid of the nerves.

Choose soft and romantic songs at this time to keep your guests entertained while they wait for the ceremony to commence.

2. Your Walk Down the Aisle

As you enter the ceremony, choose music that highlights your entrance.

You can use the traditional Bridal Chorus for this purpose. However, this can be a bit dramatic.

Go for any song that announces your presence to the crowd with a softer tune.

Choose a soundtrack for your walk that instills confidence in you. When you enjoy the walk, your guests would also love to see it.

You will look great on your wedding DVD walking towards the love of your life with such poise.

3. Music During the Ceremony

Pick instrumental songs during the ceremony.

Your wedding officiant will be conducting your wedding ceremony with meaningful words.

Make sure your guests pay attention to them.

The wedding officiant will recount your love story to your guests. Your wedding vows come after that.

If you select music with lyrics at this time, your guests won’t be able to participate in the ceremony. It would distract them.

Instrumental music will keep the atmosphere pleasant and your wedding officiant won’t have any trouble engaging with the guests!

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4. Music After the Ceremony

Pick your favorite song for the end of the ceremony.

Ask your musician to play it as you sign the register and walk back down the aisle.

You should pick a song that is composed for the newlyweds.

Make sure it expresses the joy that you’re feeling inside.

You can even select a loud party song at this time.

In fact, if you feel like it, pick a song that allows you to dance as you make your way back down the aisle towards your car.

You should prepare the wedding ceremony playlist at least a month before the actual ceremony. Time each song according to each step in the service.

Rev. Phil believes all kinds of music will do for a wedding as long as it entertains your guests.

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