Ideas to Arrange a Wedding

Tips to Plan a Wedding Without Compromising the Overall Experience

While the internet is brimming with articles that tell you how to cut down on wedding planning costs, there are barely any which share how to plan a thrift wedding without compromising on décor, food, and arrangements. And this is what we have sorted out ideas for you.

Here are some amazing tips to plan a frugal wedding without having to forgo the X factor.

1.    Avoid inflating the guest list

You might be tempted to show off your lavish wedding to everyone you know, regardless of the bond that you share. But this is not a good idea, especially when you have budget constraints.

Remember that with each guest that you add on the list, you are increasing the total cost in addition to making your wedding a public affair instead of an intimate one.

By throwing fewer invites to close friends and family, you can cut down on the total costs radically. Start by shrinking your guest list by 20% and then another 10 to 20%. Recheck and see if you are happy with the eliminations and make a few more if needed.

2.    Ask for help in wedding arrangements and disallow material gifts by adding a note on the invite

First of all, look around and see if you have friends or family who can arrange things like a music system, balloon or floral décor, or anything else that’d otherwise cost a lot. You can ask them to not give you any gifts but help in arranging the wedding for free.

If you don’t feel good asking your friends and family to help in arranging the wedding instead of sending gifts, simply add a note on the invite that you are not accepting any material gifts. This way, everyone will be compelled to give you cash that can be used to compensate some of the wedding expenses.

3.    Plan the party at home or outdoors

Renting an event venue is among the most notable expenses included in wedding planning. As much as you can, try to skip this expense by arranging for a venue that you can utilize for free. That said, there is no better place than your own home or yard if the space is enough to accommodate your guests.

If not, see if your friends or family can spare their lawn for a day for your wedding to take place. If none of the options work, look for an open-air venue without any walls or top cover. Such venues are usually low-priced.

4.    Fewer flowers, more balloons

There is no question that floral décor is really expensive. For this reason, most couples now choose to go for balloon décor to minimize the cost.

What you can do is use a combination of flowers and balloons to decorate your wedding venue. Use flowers where there are necessary, such as on the stage, bridal table, and entrance. Cover the rest of the venue with nice balloon arrangements to cut down on the total cost of décor.


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