How to Plan a Garden Wedding Ceremony that All Your Guests Will Remember?

Go for a Garden Wedding Ceremony in Chicago!

We know you love your corporate heels!

Your wedding day is the only time in your life when you ditch them to become the perfect bride.

Away from the concrete jungle, you aim for perfection in your personal life.

Start this new journey in the arms of nature!

Hold your wedding ceremony in one of Chicago’s most beautiful gardens.

Use the following tips to create an amazing experience for you and your guests.

1.     Add Unique Décor

By having a garden wedding, you get to use several ornate wedding decorations that would seem odd otherwise.

For instance, you can add a large frame of flowers in front of the altar to create a kind of entrance to it.

When picking out colors for the chair covers, you can use any color combination against a green backdrop. Anything can go with natural green!

2.     Make Use of the Extra Space

Use all the open space in the garden for activities or rituals that you may want to hold after the ceremony.

You can set up the altar in front of a hedge wall in the garden. Before choosing this area, make sure that there is enough space for your guests.

The hedge will give an impression of an enclosed space. Your guests will be able to hear the ceremony clearly due to the close proximity.

You can use the various trees and bushes in the garden to your advantage. Hang signboards on them to lead your guests to separate areas of the garden. It would organize the wedding procession efficiently.

For instance, after attending the ceremony in one area, guests can move on to the next for sharing a toast. They can then head towards the reception.

3.     Create a Fantasy Wedding Ceremony

You can pretend to be any fairy tale character in a garden wedding.

If you are holding the ceremony at night, you can use lights of different colors in the garden to change the whole ambiance and create a fantastical setting.

A colorful and bright ceremony will keep your guests in awe for a long time.

4.     Extraordinary Opportunities for Photographs

You can create several beautiful backgrounds for the ceremony photos when you’re holding it in a garden.

For instance, you can add a couple of swings to a tree.

The photographer will get many opportunities to capture moments where you and the groom sit on them, hold hands, give each other loving looks and show affection!

5.     Hire the Best Wedding Officiant in Town!

Chicago has beautiful gardens that will make your wedding day incredibly pleasant and memorable!

To add to this feeling, all you need is an experienced wedding officiant who can conduct your wedding with grace and splendor.

Rev. Phil is one of the most trustworthy wedding officiants in Chicago.

You can call him to any wedding venue in Chicago for conducting your wedding ceremony. He will walk you through your wedding rehearsals and give you a no-stress plan for the ceremony.

Over the years, Rev. Phil has blessed many couples as they start their beautiful journey together as spouses.

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