Everything You Need to Know About a Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

FAQs for Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

A wedding vow renewal is not a new concept anymore. It has been here for decades and is widely accepted across the world. Apart from being a sacred fete, a wedding vow renewal ceremony is a joyful and vibrant event that allows couples to redo and recreate their weddings.

The reason behind holding such a ceremony could be to:

  • Allow new family members (especially children) and friends be a part of it
  • To celebrate an anniversary landmark
  • To cherish the couple’s memories and celebrate the way they have stayed together through thick and thin for years
  • To recreate weddings and fulfill desires that couples might have failed to accomplish the first time they got into wedlock
  • To revise and refresh vows

To further clear out the air about this unique ceremony, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers.

Wedding Vow Renewal FAQs

1.      Why should we renew our wedding vows?

If, for no other purpose, a wedding vow renewal ceremony can be hosted to simply celebrate your wedding. If after 1, 2, 5, or 10 years of your wedding, you have the desire to be able to feel the joy again and celebrate how far you two have made it together, a marriage vow renewal is a great idea. Simply put, it’s a way you can celebrate the biggest day of your life and reminisce about the moment you said ‘I do.’

2.      What’s the time period after which we can renew wedding vows?

There is no time limit restricting you from renewing your wedding vows anytime you want. You can do it anytime starting from the very next day of the wedding till 30 years after it. And you are not even bound to do it just once in your life. Some couples renew it once in their life while others do it every year. It is totally up to you!

3.      Who hosts a wedding vow renewal ceremony?

It depends on how you want to get it done. Some couples have their children to host such a party while others choose to throw vow renewal party themselves. Today, there is a new trend where the couple’s original maid of honor and best man throw a party for the couple.

4.      What should be the venue?

This is totally up to you. A wedding vow renewal ceremony can be held at home, at a sacred place (churches, cathedrals, etc.), banquets, hotels, beach, mountain top, etc. There is no hard and fast rule for venue selection so you can choose it with full freedom.

5.      Who Walks You Down the Aisle?

Again, it depends on whom you’d like to walk you down the aisle. You can choose to let your parents do it again, have your children escort you, or even walk down the aisle together.

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