Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

A wedding comes once in a lifetime and this is the reason the brides-and-grooms to-be invest every ounce of their energy and a lot of money into making it a memorable day. From choosing weddings dresses and cakes to big things like venue selection, décor, lighting, and other arrangements, wedding planning requires a lot of hard work.

While it takes lots of effort to pull off the perfect wedding, it only takes a minor slip-up in the planning phase to ruin the entire event for couples. And these errors are more likely to occur when couples choose not to hire professional wedding planners.

Marital bliss or wedding blues are for you to decide between. You can simply hire wedding planners to prevent blunders on your wedding day that can ruin it. But what about mistakes apart from those that are made in making wedding arrangements and even the wedding planners can’t help with?


Yes, there are such mistakes and those could only be evaded by knowing and avoiding them. Here goes the list!

1.    Tying the knot too soon

Some couples rush through their engagement and plan on tying the knot soon after it. While there are no rights and wrongs for such a decision and every relationship differs, it is preferable you give your engagement some time.

The time between your engagement and wedding can be utilized for both strengthening your bond with your partner as well as planning your wedding slowly but perfectly.

2.    A failure to correctly prioritize

Indeed, your choices and needs are important. But when it is about wedding planning, you have to put a greater focus on the event itself. Regardless of how much you spend on your dress and the wedding cake, you will fail to impress your guests if you don’t pay attention to things that matter including food, décor, and lighting.

This is exactly where most couples go wrong. While choosing nice dresses, shoes, and accessories, they completely forget their wedding venue needs appropriate dressing too.

3.    Being too early to decide

There are things that should be planned after the basics have been confirmed. For example, you can’t hope to book the venue before knowing the number of guests that will be invited and tallying it with the capacity of the venue.

And if you do so, you know you will get nothing but losses and bad memories.

4.    Buying a fitted dress

This one is exclusively for the pretty and excited brides-to-be.

Just because you are trying to shed a few pounds before your wedding day is here, doesn’t mean you can get away with buying a dress that is bought based on the anticipated size. First of all, don’t buy your wedding dress too early. And even if you have to, ensure you buy it according to your current size.

Remember, you can always get a dress fitted if it is loose but you can barely get is loosened after it has been stitched.

5.    Resistance in taking help

As much as couples like to believe they can execute their wedding without help, what wedding planners do for you can’t be done without them.

It is strongly recommended that you hire professional wedding planners like I Do Weddings so that you have someone to take care of the event arrangement while you are busy trying that beautiful dress and making memories.