A Good Fit

I understand budgets. There’s no end to spending – especially on weddings.

Even more important is finding an officiant who is a good fit — who you are comfortable with, who will provide the ceremony you want. After all, the ceremony is the reason for the day. It sets the tone for the whole day.

So, price is important. But it’s not as important as a “good fit” officiant. Do expect to pay more for officiants who have more experience, reviews and awards; for those who will spend more time on your wedding. It’s worth the extra cost.

To get an exact quote for a ceremony that is customized to fit you and your fiancé, meet with Rev. Phil for a complimentary one hour consultation. Please fill out the form.

“Our Wedding Ceremony Was the Best Part of Our Wedding Day”

“Before talking to Rev. Phil I thought wedding ceremonies are meant to be quick, boring and the only interesting part is the “I Do” part. However, Rev. Phil completely changed my perspective on wedding ceremony. He made our wedding ceremony the best part of our wedding day. He made our ceremony personalized by involving the audience and our wedding party. He made everyone laugh and cry and everyone talked about our ceremony for many weeks following our wedding.

He earned every penny we spent for his services.  He puts in a lot of hard work and effort to manage such a wonderful wedding ceremony”

Nikola & Tomas, Odyssey Country Club, Tinley Park

How to Get an “Amazing and Perfect” Wedding Ceremony

If you want your wedding ceremony to be amazing and perfect, do this one thing: hire Reverend Phil to officiate. Here’s why:

1. He is EXTREMELY organized. He will go over every last detail with you during your planning session, and sends a completed script before the wedding, so you know exactly what will be said ahead of time

2. He is funny, personable, and a great storyteller. He will tell your love story in a way that even you will be laughing. The guests at our ceremony were roaring with laughter.

3. People will remember your ceremony.

A note about cost — he does charge more than what is considered average for an officiant, however, it’s completely worth it. It was, by far, the BEST decision we made about our wedding.”

Ashley & Matt, Kuiper’s Family Farm, Maple Park

3 Things Rev. Phil Does
That Other Officiants Don’t

  • Shares your love story at your wedding – your guests will laugh (and cry)! So will you.
  • 2½ hour planning session– an expert guides you through every step.
  • Complete script in advance – no surprises! The ceremony is as religious or not as you want it to be.

“Rev. Phil Has Perfect Comedic Timing”

“Rev. Phil has perfect comedic timing — he had everyone laughing out loud at how we met and got engaged. He also knows when to take things seriously — I cried like a baby through our vows. All in all, it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony — funny, sweet, emotional, and lovely.
If you are on the fence, he is WORTH IT!”

Christy & Alex, The Grove Redfield Estate, Glenview

The Next Step

Let’s meet! Rev. Phil – who is like a wedding planner* – will text and email you to set up a complimentary 90-minute consultation at a Panera Bread.

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What’s it Worth, on the Most Important Day of Your Life, to Have…

… Your Guests Laughing & Applauding

… Your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Smiling

… You, the Bride & Groom, Laughing & Relaxed!

(There is no audio. These are just GIF’s of happy guests, happy bridesmaids/groomsmen, a happy couple.)

The Next Step

Meet Rev. Phil for a Complimentary 90-minute Consultation! (a $100 Value)

Rev. Phil will email you a number of dates and times when he can meet you — evenings and weekends, with several Panera Bread locations to choose from.

* “Rev. Phil was so professional and easy to get along with. From the moment I met him, I felt comforted and relaxed. I felt like he understood what my Husband and I were looking for and that he was as committed as I was to creating a once in a lifetime experience. He had such extensive knowledge about weddings that I would only expect from a high paid wedding planner. He knew about my wedding party placement, how to set up and stage so that we got the best shots from the photographer, helped coordinate with my other vendors and so much more. This was better than I ever imagined. After meeting with Rev. Phil, he completely understood us, knew who we were as a couple and knew exactly what we were looking for in our ceremony. He captured us as he told our family and friends about our love story better than we ever could of. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone!”

Jeanna & Bernardo, Tamarack Golf Club, Naperville