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“The ceremony was traditional, humorous and heartfelt.

I knew from the start of the process with Rev. Phil that our daughter would have a perfect ceremony. During one of their phone conversations with Rev. Phil, other family members looked out into the backyard (where they were sitting in the swing talking on the phone) and one said, “Mom! Look at Mary Jo and Ronnie, they are laughing and laughing. They have not stopped smiling!” And that tells it all. The comfort level, his ability to turn their love story into the ceremony was memorable.

Our guests are still talking about the ceremony. Here are some quotes:

• “Well I have never before been to a ceremony where I laughed”
• “Where on earth did you find him?”
• “I have never been to a wedding where I felt a part of the ceremony”
• “So glad to see the focus on the ceremony and not the reception”
• “If we could redo our wedding I would have him do it”
• “I learned things about Mary Jo and Ronnie that I never knew. How fun was that”
• “I expected to half fall asleep as usual but not at this wedding”
• “The best I have ever witnessed”

If you are searching, search no more. Book Rev. Phil now for the most memorable of times.”

Julie, the mother of the bride, Odyssey Boat @ Navy Pier, Chicago