Payment Methods

Rev. Phil’s Preferred Ways to Get Paid

Given a choice, Rev. Phil prefers to be paid:


by Chase Quickpay


If you bank with Chase, send a payment with QuickPay.

You’ll need to enter Rev. Phil’s e-mail address.

It’s free to you and him


by Check

Make the check payable to “I Do” Weddings, Ltd. (not Rev. Phil) and mail it to:

  • Rev. Phil Landers
  • “I Do” Weddings, Ltd.
  • 1600 W Lake St
  • Ste 103B #128
  • Addison, IL 60101

Rev. Phil’s Least Favorite Way to Get Paid

Rev. Phil has to pay about 3% fee to the credit card companies to process a debit or credit card. If you really want the miles, go ahead and do this.


Click through to Rev. Phil’s Square Marketplace.

To pay Rev. Phil, say, $362 you will need to:

  • “purchase” a $100 bill, put it in your basket as if you’re buying a hundred dollar bill
  • “purchase” a $ 10 bill, put it in your basket
  • “purchase” a $ 1 bill, put it in your basket

Go to checkout. Update the quantities to:

  • 3 of $100 bills
  • 6 of $ 10 bills
  • 2 of $ 1 bills

Then checkout, like you would at any web site.

Only Square, a trusted company for e-commerce, has your credit card information. Rev. Phil never sees it. (And he likes it that way.)

Please do not use a debit card through Square Marketplace. Rev. Phil would rather wait a few days to get a check in the mail – for it’s free to him and you.